“Doggylicious was created out of frustration. I got fed up of humans creating dog treats that lack real ingredients, full of cheap fillers, lack flavour and none seemed to give back to this beautiful world we live in. 

So, one day when my owners left for the day, I started experimenting in the kitchen. It took some time to master and along the way I got many telling offs from my humans when they returned home. “Oh boy, did I make a mess?!” but I can confirm it was worth it. I would take my freshly baked goods to the park and every dog was pulling out their best tricks for one. It was then I realised I had created something amazing and Doggylicious was born.

So, I urge you, spit out those highly processed, lifeless treats and order some Doggylicious treats through your humans credit card. Just pull out those cute puppy dog eyes if you get caught. 

Doggylicious will always be a dog owned and run company. I can’t wait for you to join the family”



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